ceramica performativa

site: milan (italy)

client: the XXI International exhibition of the triennale di milano

team: paolo cascone (architect) with andrea giglio -  elena ciancio - flavio galdi  - technical partner: 3d italy; Solimene ceramiche; Urban FabLab



design concept: the project explores in an innovative way the relation between computational design, digital fabrication and natural material systems for a performative architecture. taking inspiration from the paolo soleri project (www.arcosanti.org) of solimene’s ceramics in vietri (italy) where the prototypes have been realized. ceramica perfromativa aims to develop an innovative concept of high/low tech factory for ecological design and architecture. the exhibited prototypes  are part of an applied research on architectural fabrication and ceramic structural skins. the structural system generates a porous wall able to modulate the daylight an the natural ventilation. the inner cavities are designed for the water circulation creating an evaporative cooling dynamic in order to improve the thermal comfort performances.




environmental driver: evaporative cooling system - structural morphology: diversified columns


design process

component catalogue                                        




fluid dynamic simulation 







architectural structural solutions







prototype 01: form finding



prototype 02: clay 3d printing





prototype 03: reverse 3d printing









triennale exhibition







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