: matera (italy)
team: paolo cascone (director) with marilena laddaga - elena ciancio - pasquale montemurro - marcello santantonio - luca colacicco - technical partner: lab syskrack - colacicco falegnameria


DIGITAL MATER(I)A is a 3 years international programme curated by paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB with the aim to develop a series of educational and applied research activities  in the field of digital manufacturing for ecological design and architecture. the programme will be based in matera (italy) -  european capital of culture in 2019 -  bridging local artisans and companies with the best practices and research centres in europe. the output of this initiative will be the construction of scale 1 to 1 prototypes exploring the interaction between local material systems and techniques with digital fabrication technologies and advanced design. 














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