open air lab

 dakar (senegal)

client: ker thiossane - defko ak niep lab

team: paolo cascone (architect) with elena ciancio, flavio galdi, giuliano galluccio, andrea giglio, imma polito - technical partner: urban fablab - partner: fondazione idis - città della scienza; fondazione architetti e ingegneri liberi professionisti iscritti inarcassa; ker thiossane; dakar biennale.

design concept:
 the project is conceived as a small infrastructure realized in a public space of dakar providing an open air laboratory for local craftsmen. the construction of the structure has been realized in the framework  african fabbers project through a participatory process involving the local community and european makers with the aim to  support the creation of the first fablab in senegal. the project has been selected to participate at the dakar biennale in 2014.

environmental driver: rainwater harvesting, thermal comfort, solar energy - structural morphology: branching system - material system: local wood, bamboo and photovoltaics 






local community: roland assilevi, ahmadou ba, biggiie, demba camawa, ibra cassis, moustapha coly, seydou dièmè, stefano ferrero, racine gaye, alessia guardo, ariss godwill hounkpatin, dodji koffihonou, daouda kote, alexandre lette, nolèye manè, mariana michalcikova, susanna molina, modou ngom, angelina nwachukwu, désiré nwaobasi, mame less Jean seck, momar sylla - ker thiossane: marion louisgrand, momar françois sylla

thanks to: madre museum – naples, afropixel – dakar








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