smart shell

site: naples (italy)

technical partners: selve del balzo sas, aurora, nhp

architect: paolo cascone; environmental  analysis: silvia piccione; team: elisabetta corvino, pietro nunziante, elena ciancio, imma polito, andrea giglio, giuliano galluccio, delia evangelista, silvia piccione, rossella siani, claudia balestra, achille piroli  

design concept: 
smart shell is designed as a transportable, fast-deployment  and energetically self-sufficient structure. the design process investigates the relation between high-tech design and low-tech construction. the project provides flexible solutions for different uses from low-cost dwelling to off-grid emergency hospital etc. ; the structural system consists in foldable modular arches made of wood covered by photovoltaic textile strips. smart shell has been selected by UN-Habitat to participate at the 6th World Urban Forum





design driver: thermal comfort, solar energy - structural system: interlocked arches - material system: wood, photovoltaic textile 




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