site: marrakech (morocco)

client: marrakech biennale


design concept :  the urban 3d printer is a prototype of a low cost, off- grid, transportable digital fabrication device. the first prototype has been developed in the framework of the african fabbers project and presented at the marrakech biennale.

design driver: transportability, energy self-sufficiency, open-source - structural system: linear delta robot 3d printer - material system: wood, photovoltaic panels 




paolo cascone (architect) with elena ciancio, flavio galdi, giuliano galluccio, andrea giglio, imma polito - local community: zaim abderrahman, el mehdi agharsane, sharif anouar, kenzah atif, ramia beladel, mehdi belhajjam, elena bellantoni, aahd benchaouch, mohammed amine chafai, klara gaia chastan,  nada dhaiba, taoufiq edday, abdelhakim el hamime, hatouch el houssaine, mohamed elkhaloua, karima elkhider, youssef errihan, rachid er- rmizy, ehsan fardjadniya, azzedine fettahi, ilhame hassani, abdeslam khaloufi, mohamed labid, ayoub lharchi, zineb nait lmaaz, salma louise, oussama mahassine, carlos martinez, yakubu hassan mohammed, youness mouhtadi, taha ouilal, hicham ousalah, wael touati, khalid beny yakhlaf 


technical partners: urban fablab; wasp, of the big delta prototype - partners: fondazione idis / città della scienza (italy), fondazione architetti e ingegneri liberi professionisti iscritti inarcassa, marrakech biennale - thanks to: madre museum - naples, esav - ecole supérieure des arts visuels, cfqmam - centre de formation et qualification dans les métiers de l’artisanat, voice gallery - marrakech







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