khaima urban tent 

site: salè (morocco)

powered by: ciss ngo, quartiers du monde ngo, swiss cooperation

architect: paolo cascone , tamara vecchione ; team local community: karim balliz, ahmed boukri, jalal el fabkh, nabil ftita, abdel, ahmed and toufik from salè, jihad houmi, achraf choukr, abdelilah kadiri, abderrazzar chahouawi, rachid talaalout, nabil kaboury and houda zerraf from morocco
dado sidibe and camara kadidiaton from mali, nabila metaïr and mohamed zakariya agha from algery

design concept : this lightweight structure is conceived as a tensile fabric shelter for the public garden of sale. the project is inspired by traditional cables system for generating overshadowing solutions in the ancient medina. the aim is to create a relational space in cooperation with the local community involving them into a self-construction project for a common shaded gathering place.

design driver: light - structural system: tensile structure - material system: local fabric, natural fiber cables










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