paolo cascone will speak at the

New York Institute of Technology



27 april 2022, 6:00 PM – 8:00PM (EST)





The global architect

Thematic research seminar


paolo cascone : the making of a school of radical constructions

october 13, 2021. 12:30 am




UIA world congress of architects in 2023

paolo cascone has been included in  “architecture for the un sustainable development goals - a map of global efforts” of UIA world congress of architects in 2023







Porto Design Biennale 2021

peripheral perspectives colloquia
colloquium II caring for diverse kinship

arturo escobar, against terricide: designing as a praxis of caring for
the web of life

paolo cascone, decolonizing performative design
yanki lee,  from older people to butterflies: design as the others!?
martin avila, alter-natives – designing as a poetics of relating

9 July, 18:00






IUAV online conference



paolo cascone

16/04/2021 - h.17






paolo speaks about: afrotopian cities at the edge of global pandemic in ILAUD: International Laboratory of Architecture & Urban Design

october 8 2020






Digital Concrete

2nd RILEM International Conference on Concrete and Digital Fabrication

eindhoven University of technology, the netherland

paolo cascone and marilena laddaga will present the scientific paper: “DIGITAL  CONSTRUCTION: 3D printing for performative houses”

july 7 2020 







creative marathon 2019

16 december 2019 - 19 december 2019

international workshop

elisava barcelona school of design engineering

la rambla, 30-32, barcelona







responsive cities symposium 2019

responsive cities is a bi-annual international symposium on the future of cities organized by the advanced architecture group of IAAC. 

15/11-16/11 barcelona caixaforum







at the frontiers of the urban: thinking concepts and practices globally

International conference exploring emerging themes and critical methodologies at the frontiers of urban theory and practice organized by UCL

parallel session 3B-2.2 collaboration and participation: experiences

12 november 2019, 14.00 – 15.30

DPU room 101 , UCL london

chair: iromi perera, researcher and activist







speculative routes out of ruinous landscapes

9 november 2019, 6:00 pm

villa romana, florence

SYNTHETIC VERNACULAR, african fabbers at work
cascone+laddaga/CODESIGNLAB, architects, london








18 november 2019


The Digital in Architecture: Then, Now and in the Future

author: mollie claypool





22 october 2019

African Fabbers House is born in response to the mistakes of colonialist architecture

author: salvatore peluso





21 october 2019

codesignlab builds a low-cost and off-grid housing prototype in cameroon

edited by: lynne myers | designboom






the man who thought with his hands
paolo cascone

“talking about architecture bores me; i prefer making it instead.”








the african fabbers house 
design to build workshop 01

douala / cameroon
13-25 / 05

paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB
marilena laddaga / CODESIGNLAB

deadline application







design indaba
8 april 2019 

merging architecture, entrepreneurship and digital fabrication in cameroon
"ours is the first digital manufacturing laboratory for architecture and design in africa,"
african fabbers school founder paolo cascone.









l'industria delle costruzioni - 465
bimonthly magazine of architecture
january-february 2019 


fabrizio carola. il ruolo sociale della tecnologia per l'architettura
paolo cascone






storie di architettura e design
architecture and design stories

paolo cascone 

process vs project
sistemi emergenti in architettura

27/02/2019 - 10:30

aula S2 

scuola politecnica e delle scienze di base 
dipartimento di architettura e disegno industriale





open lecture 

paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB

open review workshop 
african fabbers school / ISF milano
22 febbraio-  ore 10:00
aula A.1.1

milan polytechnic  campus lecco






on domusweb
28 january 2019

“talking about architecture bores me – I prefer making it instead.”
the quotation alone sums up who fabrizio carola was. as it suggests, any further description of his architecture would simply be redundant.

author: paolo cascone




storie Fidec | innovazione

il progetto di DIGITAL CONSTRUCTION di Ance Giovani

il progetto di Ance Giovani ha l’obiettivo, tramite casi studio e prototipi di cantieri avanzati, di mettere insieme imprese edili, professioni tecniche e aziende manifatturiere in un processo di sinergia collaborativa efficace teso alla realizzazione della costruzione digitale, dalla fase di progetto alla gestione del cantiere fino alla manutenzione programmata, tenendo conto del ciclo di vita del costruito.

di antonio ortenzi







icon design
january 2019

mauro bubbico
work on stereotypes to change them

text: paolo cascone
photo: fabrizio vatieri





on domusweb
27 december 2018

the first digital manufacturing laboratory for architecture and design in africa
we spoke to paolo cascone, founder of CODESIGNLAB and director the african fabbers school, a school that focuses on urban ecology, self-construction and digital production.

salvatore peluso






on the il sole 24 ore

17 dicember 2018
the first houses printed in 3d are ready

in collaboration with  ANCE giovani imprenditori edili with the aim to integrate digital fabrication into performative architecture

by Maria Chiara






atelier de fabrication urbain
ecological design / self-construction / digital fabrication

07 / 12
10-14 / 12
douala / cameroon


paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB
marilena laddaga / CODESIGNLAB







forum italiano delle costruzioni
21 november 2018 
palazzo del ghiaccio - milan

paolo cascone and 
roberta vitale
project presentation 

in collaboration with
ANCE Giovani Imprenditori Edili






corriere della sera
18 november 2018 


design talent: paolo cascone

mixa materiali naturali, risorse locali e processi di produzione digitale all'avanguardia.
e in CODESIGNLAB, lo studio che ha fondato, nascono progetti sostenibili per le comunità del futuro.


testo costanza rinaldi






6 november 2018 

a nice article on reciprocity liège and our project 
the miner’s house architecture of migrations

by giorgia losio  







the project DIGITAL MATER(I)
on icon design - n. 28
6 november 2018

reload matera
a preview on the european capital of culture for 2019.
from widespread art installations, to tuff-rock theatre and digital networks of 
artisans and hackers, academics and bloggers.

text - marco morello
photo - fabrizio vatieri








on domusweb
24 October 2018

Liège’s mining history told in an ephemeral installation
paris-based italian architect oaolo cascone’s structure “the miner’s house” explores the
fragile link between materials, industrialisation and people.

laura drouet & olivier lacrouts






a place for international design & social innovation
5 october - 25 november 2018 

the miner's house / architecture of migration
with Paolo Cascone






housing the human
hosted by demanio marittimo
km-278, ancona

On July 20, fourteen initiatives, offices and individuals will put their concepts to the test in a night of discussion with architects, designers, curators, and futurologists. 

dasha tsapenko / FAKT / KOSMOS / liam young / lucia tahan / mae-ling lokko / margherita moscardini / matilde cassani / OOZE / paolo cascone / BARD studio / simone niquille / skrei / SO?






future urban legacy lab

innovation and startups in africa cities

20 june 2018 - 17:00

moderator: matteo robiglio
speakers: martino ghielmi, marc lepage, martino ghielmi, paolo cascone

full toolbox - via agostino da montefeltro 2






final review

atelier de fabrication urbain
ecological design / self-construction / digital fabrication

douala / cameroon
16 june 2018 - 11:00 am






within milano arch week, the week-long event devoted to architecture and the future of cities directed by stefano boeri with politecnico, triennale and comune di milano, there will be a conversation to face the often controversial relationship between industrialization, architecture and migratory flows.

the miner's house / architecture of migration


conversation with
lorenza baroncelli / artistic coordinator, chief curator for architecture, urban regeneration, cities - triennale milan
paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB


friday, may 25th
16:00 / 17:00
triennale /sala lab








atelier de fabrication urbain
ecological design / self-construction / digital fabrication

douala / cameroon
04-16 / 06

paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB
marilena laddaga / CODESIGNLAB

deadline application









paolo cascone is glad to invite you at his next lecture
learning from african fabbers
14 may 2018 - 19 h

ULB faculté d'architecture la cambre horta
auditoire victor bourgeois
place eugène flagey, 19
1050 bruxelles






flow of forms / forms of flow
design histories between africa and europe
6th april – 19th august, 2018

museum für völkerkunde hamburg
tothenbaumchaussee 64
20148 hamburg







atelier LUMA
MASTERCLASS «Living with rising water»

23-28 march 2018

kunlé adeyemi/NLÉ
paolo cascone/CODESIGNLAB
bernard strijland/NLÉ








the miner’s house
céramique performative

encadré par: paolo cascone 

19 au 23 mars 2018
faculté d'architecture - liège






conférence paolo cascone
matière en mouvement pour une architecture post-digitale

19 mars 2018 
faculté d'architectureliège






workshop e tavole rotonde 12-16 dicembre 2017
ISIA urbino








synergic design

cycle architecture et philosophie

paolo cascone 

les mises en synergie avec les outils numériques, appelant à de nouvelles formes
de représentation et de mise en partage du devenir des territoires


10 novembre 2017 de 14h30 à 18h00

salle anatole de baudot - paris






paolo cascone conference

pour une école d’écologie urbaine, auto-construction et fabrication digitale en Afrique 

24 october 2017 - 06:30 pm 
ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture paris-val de seine







paolo cascone

about urban fabrication laboratories
deries: what’s next? 

monday 23 october 2017 - 06:30 pm
venue: lecture hall

AA - architectural association school of architecture






innovazione e trasformazione digitale per l'ambiente costruito
19 - 20 ottobre 2017

come cambia il settore con la fabbricazione digitale?
mattone 4.0 tra tradizione e innovazione?
relatore: paolo cascone

sala allemanda - fiera di bologna

 organizzato dal dipartimento ABC – politecnico di milano





paolo cascone with the project african fabbers school at the tallinn biennale of architecture

13-30 september 2017





strutture cine(ma)tiche. intervista a paolo cascone
22 maggio 2017

intervista a paolo cascone, ideatore di CODESIGNLAB, su strutture cine(ma)tiche:
un workshop nato per riabilitare gli
spazi dell'ex arena moderno di bari,
cinema all'aperto che il progetto expostmoderno sta restituendo alla collettività.








project by paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB
in collaboration with fondazione matera 2019
the bartlett school of architecture
university of basilicata

round table
26 may 2017 - 12 .00

aurelia sole / rector Unibas, president matera basilicata 2019
paolo verri / general director matera basilicata 2019

paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB
antonella guida / Unibas
guan lee / bartlett school of architecture
giovanni schiuma / Unibas
daniel wiedrig / bartlett school of architecture

le monacelle
via riscatto, 9 
matera - italy









XVIII convegno nazionale ANCE giovani imprenditori edili
friday 19 may 2017
9:30 am - 5:30 pm

digital construction: accettiamo la sfida

nazionale spazio eventi
via palermo, 10 - roma





architettura ad alghero
università degli studi di sassari

8 may 2017 - 5:00 pm
aula piazza santa croce - complesso di santa chiara

lecture paolo cascone:
sentieri contemporanei

post digital design
auto-costruzione per la rigenerazione dello spazio pubblico

giovanni maciocco: - professore emerito DADU-UNISS
silvia serreli: professore associato DADU-UNISS
antonello marotta: vice coordinatore dottorato architettura e ambiente DADU-UNISS
domenico d'orsogna: professore ordinario DADU-UNISS





flow of forms/ forms of flow opening
design histories between africa and europe    

3 february - 12 march 2017
architekturmuseum del tum






the urban fabrication laboratory
session 01 / naples
19 - 20 january 2017

paolo cascone / mauro bubbico
CODESIGNLAB / Isia urbino
hacking gomorra / african fabbers school
scampia / douala







the scientfic coordinator of the workshop open design school matera paolo cascone invites you:
attraverso la città la via del sole
opening saturday 10th december 2016
11:00 am
from the 10th december 2016 to the 12th february 2017

san nicola dei greci
piccianello - cava del sole







21 november 2016, 19h30 – 21h00
universiteit gent 

lecture paolo cascone: the african fabbers school
campus boekentoren, j. plateaustraat 22, b-9000 gent, aud e
introduction by prof. johan lagae









21 october, 2016
open design school matera

matera-basilicata 2019 foundation and paolo cascone scientific coordinator of the workshop
we invite you to explore the site of the open design school and the concept created for cava del sole: methods, ideas, prototypes and experiences at play.

aurelia sole, president of matera-basilicata 2019 foundation, raffaello de ruggieri, mayor of matera and marcello pittella, president of the basilicata region will be present.

TRM h24







13rd september, 2016

university of east london

paolo cascone will present architectural self-fabrication
at the PACT 2016
parallelism in architecture, environment and computing techniques







july, 2016 

great article of prof. antonino saggio on the potential role of the hacking gomorra project as a paradigm for urban self-regeneration initiatives
l'architetto - archiworld magazine mensile del consiglio nazionale architetti PPC






2st july, 2016

the commission has selected paolo cascone as the scientific coordinator of the workshop, to be held from september 1st to october 21st 








1st july, 12:30

paolo cascone will present performative ceramics: 3d printing for architectural fabrication

at the ISTeA international conference 2016 
italian society of science, technology, engineering of architecture





juliet art magazine

15 june 2016

the interivew of paolo cascone by vanessa ignoti about the hacking gomorra project (scampia-napoli)
and the role of digital fabrication in urban self-regeneration processes

thanks to davide gallo arte






hacking gomorra // productive cities

project by paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB

article on rivista studio








advanced ceramics / spazio programmato 
re_loading giancarlo de carlo

workshop by paolo cascone

20 - 26 may

accademia di belle arti di urbino

corso di scultura 
coordinator prof. giancarlo lepore

presentation workshop

20 may 2016 - 3pm
auditorium collegio tridente urbino

prof. umberto palestini - director accademia di belle arti di urbino

prof.ssa alice devecchi - università di urbino
dott.ssa francesca gasparetto - università di urbino







metaphysical infrastructure
16 april 2016 

with paolo cascone, stefano boeri, cristiano de majo special guest gillo dorfles 






hacking gomorra// advanced furniture
project by paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB

fuorisalone 2016


galleria davide gallo
via carlo farini 6, 2nd courtyard, milan
opening 13 APRIL 2016 – 6pm

speakers ugo la pietra, maria giovanna mancini, lorenza baroncelli and valentina auricchio

the davide gallo fallery and paolo cascone  are glad to invite you at the opening of the project hacking gomorra // advanced furniture 

CODESIGNLAB team: elena ciancio, andrea giglio, imma polito e flavio galdi.
si ringraziano 3D Italy e ceramica artistica solimene per il loro contributo








XXI international exhibition
la teiennale di milano
2 April - 12 September, Milano 2016
design after design‬

curated by cino zucchi and luisa collina


ceramica performativa
paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB


CODESIGNLAB team: elena ciancioandrea giglio e flavio galdi
technical partner: 3D Italy, CERAMICA ARTISTICA SOLIMENEUrban FabLab






paolo cascone / CODESIGNLAB: "the digital fabrication industry for architecture will grow fast for sure. i am not sure if this will improve the quality of our cities and the sustainability of our economies. i think there is still a cultural problem in our notion of technology."

march 21st, 2016






paolo casone conversation with the architectural association school of architecture about the urban fabrication laboratory experiments

february 24th, 2016







paolo cascone 
present the work at the PLEA 2015 Architecture in (R)evolution 

september 9th - 11th,  2015





paolo cascone present the work at the IASS 2015 international symposium on future visions

amsterdam the netherlands

august 17th - 20th,  2015





paolo cascone will be keynote speaker tomorrow at the 2015 eCAADe international workshop: computational morphologies 
milan polytechnic - design department
castiglioni room, bldg 9, campus BOVISA

may 15h, 2015




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